Monday, October 9, 2017

'Earth’s Bootcamp' and how to make the most of it

My life started intense when I was born. For like two years I woke up and cried almost every night. It seemed like the mission I was here to carry out needed a lot of processing and readjustment as I entered this dense ‘Earth’s Bootcamp’.
After a rough start I managed to really enjoy life in my early childhood, as I was a really grounded, adventurous and ecstatic kid and raised in an amazing family. My parents and brother even told me that I felt incredible solid as a baby and young kid. Which is fascinating to me as my body nowadays doesn’t feel that solid haha.

In my teens earth started to give me quite the workout as the intensity was building. In the beginning of my teens I got bullied which shocked me quite a bit. As I transferred school, life gave me a temporary break, relatively speaking. Though around my 15th year my transformational journey began to pick up speed, as I became much more consciously aware of my spiritual nature. This nature felt like such a strong contrast, with the ‘insane’ human condition I was perceiving everywhere. To my own despair I was automatically embodying this conditioning as well, as a virus that was corrupting my system. I was so empathic and sensitive I could strongly feel the unnatural conditioning and trauma in people and often misperceived this as people’s opinion of me. So I often felt rejected by people and alienated. I decided mostly unconsciously that maybe if I become more like them they will accept and love me. So I created all these unnatural constructs inside of me, which gave me kind of the experience to be a better fit. Yet at the same time I felt more lost, fearful and stressed because of it.

I was often afraid society and people would punish and attack me, mainly because of many cellular memories of other incarnations I had lived where this had been the case. For example being tortured and burned as a witch, because I was shining my authentic light. This had triggered fear in my surroundings and inspired them to do these terrible things.
So most of my life I have been trying to make people feel good as I figured, if I please people the chances for me becoming a target of their abuse is less.

Now I know that all these happenings were part of a big set up I am part of and the ‘big I’ (the unlimited self) cocreated before incarnating in this vessel. It has been the radical bootcamp I signed up for to let myself be pushed to the limit and grow at a very fast pace. The faster you choose to grow the more intense it will be. At times I would call it the ‘insanity’ torture camp. Because often enough and especially the last 2,5 years it has felt like that. It is the miraculous and epic journey quite a few on this earth have signed up for, to form the special ground forces of the divine army. By going through many years of radical training and bringing experiences, gifts, karma and soul contracts of many lifetimes to this incarnation, to become the medicine this world has called for. Its weapons essentially being unconditional love and high vibrational frequencies that are in the process of being fully embodied. As love and light are the most powerful forces in creation.

I am still very much in training, refining myself in every moment, but I have learned more and more how to best deal with all types of challenges you can face on earth. Even though we live in a seemingly complex reality, its fundaments are very simple. When you know these fundaments and work with them you can much more effortlessly live your life no matter what arises. One of these fundaments is that love is the highest vibration and the most powerful force. So by letting love be your answer to everything, you create a harmonious relationship with every manifestation and you instantaneously transform it to its natural form, as you create your own reality.

The most important aspect to let love be your answer is by your attuned state of being. Just as a musical instrument you need proper tuning to create pure notes. A visceral way to know when you are attuned is through your amazing body. When your body is relaxed it is a sign that you are attuned and pure notes can be played as a result. Another fundament is that everything is here to help you, when you know this to be true, your experience of everything becomes natural and purified. Even when something of a lower frequency as fear enters your reality, through honoring its existence and loving the aspects which fear, your experience of it is purified. You will not be victimized by it but instead you will be like a tree with strong roots that stands firm no matter how hard the wind blows.

I hope this sharing about my journey and some insights I came to know supports your wellbeing and growth. I know how challenging life can be, especially during this monumental birthing process of a radically new you, humanity and earth is in right now.
To summarize: love without end, honor everything and relaxing your body are the most powerful ways I have come to learn to live effortlessly.
May you be well, loved and nourished and may the gifts you already carry inside flourish ever more and be received ever deeper.
Thank you for being here, You matter and I love you very much.

Jonathan Geesing

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