Wednesday, December 13, 2017

I stand for love!

I stand for love!


Dear fellow travellers and beautiful family!

I respects everyone’s opinion and as always I am not here to force my way of being and doing on anyone.

This talk about 'evil' doings of Bentinho Massaro and many other public figures that are circulating, are much bigger than the persons that are focused upon.
He and many others are used as a focal point to invite people to get clear on what they want to stand for and create, regardless of what someone else chooses. We all serve as mirrors and help each other evolve.

Most of us have to varying degrees given our power away to a person or any idea or form of existence, though mostly unconsciously. Now we are on a collective and individual level taking our power back. Which can be very messy business as you can clearly see in the world and maybe in yourself. It is something to be celebrated as it is one of the many signs that radical change is taking place and in my perception for the better.

All forms of darkness is coming to the surface to be fully acknowledged and healed.

I have never met Bentinho and have seen only a little bit of his work.
I however found his response to the accusations resonating with me. 

I have the feeling he has attracted quite a lot of dark attention, which popular public figures are more likely to do.
It is sad but true that most people more easily believe something negative about a person then something positive. Reputation is a very fragile thing. Also most people contain so much fear that their perception is far from clear and as a result project their fear on to others.

I have triggered a lot of people during my life, most of the time not because I had any ill intentions.
My light brought all the unresolved stuff of people to the surface, and because their focus was on me I became their target. As a result I often blamed myself for not being good enough or felt bad about myself in some shape or form. I did not realize that their actions had never anything to do with me. I am not responsible for anyone’s experience or actions but my own. It has been very challenging for me and still regularly is, to instead of allowing myself to be victimized and suppressing my love by any form of fear, to be fully grounded in love.

When I am fully grounded in love I automatically am the transformer of all darkness that comes my way.

I then can be a space of unconditional love that may support others to be the same if they so choose.

At least I will make it easier to choose love for all beings by raising the frequency of this entire planet and beyond. We all are this significant and powerful.

When love is our only answer we become the strongest force in existence.

Regardless if Bentinho or anyone has ill intentions or does so called ‘evil’ things. I am not here to blame or fear anyone.
I am here to love deeper, especially the darkest dark, as it needs the most love.
Darkness is only something which lacks love.

I am here to be the solution by not being against something but by standing for love.

What do you stand for?

May you be blessed and receive the love that you are ever deeper!

I love you and honor all that you are!

So much love!

Jonathan Geesing

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