Thursday, May 25, 2017

The journey of Ascension and the Dark Night of the Soul

Dear friends,

I hope you are well as these are very intense and challenging times for many as we are in the midst of the birthing process of a new humanity. Where stored suffering and layers of density and darkness that has been on mother earth for a very long time is being fully healed by healing yourself.
It has been a while since I wrote my last article as I have been going through a very intense phase of transformation. For two years now I have been in what is often called the Dark Night of the Soul. Where almost every day has felt like a crucifixion that is annihilating all that is not of love and light. Throughout my life I have had extreme challenges but by far not as challenging as these last two years. Now it feels like my darkest period is done but time will tell. This process is surely not for the faint of heart. There have been many times where I begged Source to get me out of this realm of endless torture as it just felt so unbearable for the parts of me that were being crucified. Though on a more essential level I always knew that even though I have not really a clue what is going on as it goes far beyond my comprehension, that Source has a miraculous plan for me, which was already co-created before incarnation. Throughout every experience I am having source is helping me to evolve and to become a being that shines at full capacity for the wellbeing of all. I describe my journey but Source is fulfilling your plan as well, to help you fully appreciate and be the gift you are in every moment.
In Holland we celebrate ‘Hemelvaartsdag’ today, which literally means journey to heaven day. In english they call it Ascension Day, which to be honest sounds much more epic, love it! With that title I can already imagine the sky breaking open and millions of freak’n powerful light beings engulfing the planet to create heaven on earth. If you hadn't noticed already, this is actually what is happening on mother earth right now at radically growing rate. You are the kickass ascended master that answered the call of mother earth to create heaven on earth by being what you are right now. It is an orchestration of the highest perfection that goes beyond any concept of right and wrong. Today is a celebration of what we on an individual and collective level are doing in every moment, no matter how it may look or be perceived.
So what is Ascension anyway I asked myself.
You can liken it to the seed that already contains all the ingredients and when nurtured it can become the fully blossomed flower. It is this never ending process of expansion that is called Ascension.
At another time I will share more of my journey and perspective on Ascension and Dark Night of the Soul.

I wish everyone a blessed ascend, to fully embody your natural state of being, to be the fully blossomed flower that can radiate its beauty and spread its wonderful perfume for the upliftment and wellbeing of all. You are magnificent as you are and I deeply honor and appreciate your participation by living the life you are living.  

Love and light!

Jonathan Geesing

P.S. the picture is of a painting my amazing mother made, which totally fits this message and day of celebration

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