Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The US Election and Self Empowerment

Dear beautiful friends,

This United States election was not about who became the president, but about US becoming more conscious creators of our reality. When you look deeper than the surface of the play of life, there is a great gift in everything that is unfolding. All the events globally and in your life are a powerful catalyst of transformation, which helps people awaken to what we as a collective and individual have created and supported for a very long time. First of all to create change we need clarity. That is what everything that is going on is here to teach us in a radical way, until we get the message. It is saying to the collective: 'Hello world this is what you have created and supported so far, is this what you want to continue creating or do you want a different reality to live in?' We are constantly asked the same question by life. How do you respond? Basically there are two options, fear or love. Fear creates a destructive reality and love a constructive one. If you desire something else then you are experiencing, you need to take responsibility for your own reality and be the change for yourself first. By doing this you not only change yourself but also the collective. This is how real change is created by empowering yourself first. Life is an energy game and the strongest energy wins. Even though the energy of darkness may seem very strong, it isn’t really. The energy of light/love is much stronger. You can see this clearly when you are in a scary dark room and the light is turned on. The darkness immediately disappears and cannot overpower the light, no matter how intimidating it may have looked before. To let love be the strongest energy you only need to be as passionate with love as there is fear in your reality. When you do this you start to realize that just as the scary dark room, this fear you are afraid of is powerless when you turn your light on. More than ever life is asking us to empower ourselves by anchoring love in every choice we make.
How do I respond? Love or fear? By asking yourself these questions and taking responsibility for your life, you will be amazed, how it can help you gain clarity and empower you and the world.

Have a wonderful day and many blessings to you!

Jonathan Geesing

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