Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Divine Friendships

Divine Friendships

Dear wondrous friends,

Divine friendship is one of the biggest gifts you can receive.
What do I mean with divine friendship? Well it is the one that is based in unconditional love. So it has no conditions to it whatsoever, like if you do this for me then I do this for you. In nowadays society that is filled with all sorts of conditions to be met, friendship has become a bargaining game where everyone is desperate to at least get as much back as they receive. In this way friendship can be a very unhealthy bussiness. If instead people give and share for the love of doing it, a divine friendship can emerge. Unconditional love is a one sided transaction that asks for nothing in return. When your life is lived with this intention and the giving and receiving merge as one, a divine connection in whatever form naturally appears. It will give you the fulfillment you have always desired as you now longer have to work so hard to force the right conditions into manifest. You become the awesome creator you already are that transcends any circumstance.
I wish you a magnificent day!
May you be blessed with the unconditional love and divine friendship that you at all times deserve. You are truly awesome and I deeply honor your service by being who you are in every moment.


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