Friday, December 16, 2016

The end of the Cycle of Fear

Dear beautiful Friends,

We truly live in turbulent and miraculous times. Whatever you are experiencing is what is needed for your highest evolution and to make your deepest wishes and gifts a reality for the wellbeing of all.
Especially for the last 18 months or so I have been feeling the deepest suffering physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Life has been challenging for me as never before. All the darkness, fear, pain comes to the surface for me to transform it and be transformed as a result. It is part of a profound healing that is taking place in me as well as in the world I am interconnected with. I am being given the gift of ending the cycle of fear. 
As all beings who chose to help mother earth heal and ascend, if they know it or not, this cycle started to manifest in me from the day I was in my mother’s womb. I gradually took on the vibration of fear that was very present on mother earth. I took it on so I could have the journey of knowing it deeply by experience and learning how to heal it in myself and others. By healing it in myself this healing gets transferred to the collective consciousness of this planet, so every being has an easier time transforming itself. I started to realize that fear was the most powerful teacher imaginable, teaching me how to truly unconditionally love all that is. With every shattering of my heart, more love could enter it. Fear thought me that the reason it took hold in me is to ask for my love and respect. It showed me that I don’t have to like it but that my love and honesty could give it a space where it can be as it is. In this space it could return to the light it originally came from. Even though my being feels more healed, natural and aligned, I am still in this process of shattering. It will continue until all has been shattered that needs shattering for it to be the birthing ground of the pure light that I am. During this process of true homecoming more and more qualities and gifts I carry inside are awakening, the most powerful one being to love unconditional. Even though it may feel dreadful at times I know that before a new dawn it gets the darkest. Mother Earth and its inhabitants are in the midst of a monumental shifting point to end the cycle of fear and enter the cycle of love. Our mission is not about who or what to blame for all this suffering. The thing is that hurt people hurt people. So to hurt people back who hurt is only perpetuating hurt. In reality the so called perpetrators are just as much victims as the ones they victimize. However if judgement arises in you, love that one that judges and return it to the light it came from. It doesn’t mean it is ok that any suffering is taking place but to end this cycle we need to respond with love instead of fear. The people at Standing Rock act on this knowing that love is the only thing that can heal anything. All the suffering on this planet stems from a cycle of fear that has started very long ago and we incarnated in this age of change to end it ones and for all. We and the love we can give is that powerful. When love becomes your only answer, you will be the all transforming space that returns everything to its natural state of light. Let your feeling heart guide you because it knows love is the only answer you will ever need. It knows that is has the power to transform absolutely anything into pure light. You are the beautiful gift and the answer to every prayer. Know and act on this truth and you will be amazed by the divine perfection you are.

May all beings be blessed with safety, prosperity, love, harmony and all they need to thrive on all levels now and forever more. Amen!
I wish you blessed holy days and may you receive with every breath, the wonderful gift that you are.
Thank you for being you!

Jonathan Geesing

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