Friday, December 28, 2018

The NeverEnding Light

Here an activating prayer and some words of appreciation.

Dearest sisters and brothers,

Thank you all so much, for being the very precious gifts that you are!🙏
Thank you life for having been so effective, in helping me die again and again until all but the light that I am has died. So that I can fully live as I naturally am and be of the highest service to those, including myself, I am meant to serve.
I see you, I appreciate you and I love you. 💖
May the light that you always are, shine ever brighter, no matter the intense challenges you are facing.
May the love that you always are, be deeper no matter the pain, the fear and suffering you have survived.
May the gift that you always are, be ever more fully received for the benefit of all beings. So that we together may cocreate the New Earth, where diversity is honored and fully welcome and all beings can thrive on all levels.
May this all be so, by aligning and relaxing into your natural state of compassionate beingness. As a result your light helps the world that has forgotten that it is the light, fully reconnect with source and heal on all levels.
Thank you for being the NeverEnding Light expressing itself as all that you are now and forever more. 

With love and deep embrace,

Jonathan Geesing

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

May All Embody The Light It In Truth Is

May All Embody The Light It In Truth Is

Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

May All Embody The Light It In Truth Is.

Breathe into this statement. Relax into it. Feel it in a relaxed and gentle manner.


I invite you to take some time that feels right for you, to do this first before continuing, so that you may more fully receive the Light you in Truth are.


It is a statement that helps you embody the light and the authentic truth you at all times are, no matter the distortion you may experience. There is nothing but source even in its most dense and dark form. And when you can really embody this truth, you will experience it from your most purified state.

You are at all times divine perfection no matter the experiences you are going through.

My life has made me experience the darkest hell as my body and reality was in many moments in varying degrees a never ending torture chamber. Where life with absolute precision made me have the exact experiences I was meant to have, to fully embody the Soul that I am. 

To express it in the exact way I was destined to express it.

The more you embody your soul through most of all helping and honoring your body to feel save and nurtured by you. The more you do this the more your body gives permission to your soul to enter it. As a result your multidimensional vessel and dream becomes more and more miraculous, aligned and refined, so that you may serve ever deeper, the One Source that dwells in all.

Not to make you feel less worthy then me, because everything in existence is just as worthy, as it all is Source in some specific form. Through the very brought spectrum of experiences I have had and are always having, I have been given the gift to receive the divine gift that dwells in all, to embody it more and more in a very accelerated way. This is now happening to an extend that I can almost not believe it is really happening in me, because most of my life has been such a dense and dark experience.

I am here to serve the One Source that dwells in you if you wish to receive it and to the degree that is relevant for your divinely orchestrated journey. I am extremely thankful for having been given this opportunity to serve in all the ways I am meant to serve the Wellbeing and the Highest Evolution of All. To Help All Embody The Light it in Truth is.

Thank you so incredible much for going through the journey of embodying your Soul.

I deeply honor and appreciate all that you have been, are now and are becoming.

You deeply matter just the way you are now. Maybe you are in different phases of your Darkest Night of the Body and Soul, where you feel you are being intensely burned to die before you die, so that you can rise from your own ashes, more and more, enriched, pure and refined.

May All be Blessed with All it needs to Thrive on All levels, through Embodying the Light it is.

Thank you so much for being here and taking this epic journey with me.

Thank you all who are joining us from different realms of existence, to assist in the radical birthing process of New Earth and all its divine inhabitants.

With love and deep embrace,

Jonathan Geesing


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Friday, August 17, 2018

If you like it or not, life is always helping you!

If you like it or not, life is always helping you!

Dear fellow adventurer on this multidimensional game-board called life, I hope you are doing great in these pivotal times of radical awakening.

Relax , breathe smoothly and enjoy this transmission of energy and information.

Even though I don’t always know how life is helping me, it is always helping me regardless how it may feel or appear.

Breath in this statement or speak it out loud, and feel it in your body as fully as you are able to in the moment.

Slow down, take a pause to deeply sense your state of being however it is.

Feel how this statement vibrates in your being….

Now repeat this process two more times or as many times as feels right for you. Slow down even more and relax your breathing and sense if something starts to change in your state of being as you repeat the statement.

Do you start to feel more relaxed, uplifted or neutral? However you feel , know that it is alright and what is relevant for you in the moment.

If you like it or not, life is always helping you!

First of all this statement allows you to perceive and experience that life is not here to stand in your way of your deepest wishes manifesting. In reality it is helping you to live a life far beyond your wildest dreams.

Secondly it lets you know that you are not required to like anything. Life helps you anyway however you are in that moment.

Though you may not be (fully) aware how it is helping you and that is not required either for life to help as fully as it is. Life is a ‘perfect’ creation even in seemingly ‘imperfect’ moments.

Without fail it is always helping you, with what you need to embody to bring forth your most resonating and aligned reality, even though it may not be perceived or felt that way.

I will tell you a story of how life helped me today in a seemingly unfavorable way, to help illustrate how life is always helping you even though it may feel as if it isn’t.

I had just finished my yoga lesson and felt relaxed and elated as I was cycling to do some shopping. I was just starting to bike across a busy street, as I stood on the pedals of my bike and all seemed well. However very suddenly the bicycle chain derailed and I fell down pretty hard, hurting my leg. My leg soon started to swell as a ping pong ball as I stood there and it hurt quite a bit. Yet instead of feeling down as I maybe would have done in the past, I somehow felt excited instead of victimized by life. 

I looked if I could put the chain back on, but I quickly saw that this was impossible as I would need a screw driver to open the chain guard.

I called home to ask if they could pick me up. My mom answered me and said that my dad had just left with the car to do some plant shopping and didn’t had his mobile phone with him.

So I knew that there wouldn’t arrive help from my parents anytime soon. I decided to do the shopping and then would walk the 6 km back home. I asked my mom to let my dad call me when he is back, to pick me up as soon as possible. I did my shopping, which went well and bought two vegan ice creams, one to treat myself and one for my dad if he would pick me up. I started to walk back, with a fully packed bike and as I was walking, decided that this was an opportunity to cultivate radical appreciation in myself. So while walking I kept repeating the mantra: ‘Thank you for helping me.’ I noticed that this mantra helped my body to relax a bit more and have a more enjoyable challenge.

The weather was quite sunny, so that was nice . As I was walking I got the idea to sit in the park near my old home, I played in as a kid, and eat the ice cream there .Though as it was quite warm, I soon realized I had to eat both ice creams before melting, which I didn’t minded of course hahaha.

I sensed that I had to go to the toilet soon and got the idea to go to my old house that was very nearby and would see if my previous neighbors where home, which I had not seen for many years and maybe didn’t lived there anymore. Regardless I went there and I rang on the door but nobody opened, then I tried my old house, nobody home either.

Even though it was fun to see a bit of my old home and street, life seemed to not manifest in a very helpful way. So I continued walking home as kept repeating the mantra ‘thank you for helping me’.

I decided to pass by the sport center I had very recently been to for a health program. As I was under way I saw some trees in a deserted street. 'Ah wonderful', I can relieve my full bladder there. As I just wanted to walk to the tree, a man with his dog entered the street. ‘Oh well ‘ I thought, apparently this is not meant to be either. I started walking again to the sports center and…………. Yes it is open! Wonderful!

After letting my body do its thing there, walking was a bit more comfortable. I was still about 1,5 km away from home. Just a few meters before I was home, my mobile rang, my dad had just come home hahaha.

Well that sure was a surprising adventure unlike ever before.

The End

I hope that this story of my life, may give you a sense of how you can make empowered choices regardless how life unfolds.

Most people including me in the past would probably be all down, because life was challenging them in a seemingly unhelpful and unpleasant way.

Even though I did not feel super amazing the entire adventure, I was deeply appreciative of the surprising unfoldment of my life and that I was responding in such a calm and aligned manner, no matter how it unfolded.

This adventure showed me clearly that regardless of how life unfolds, what matters most is how you respond and not the circumstances you are in.

So I wish to thank life for helping me to cultivate more radical appreciation by challenging me in a pretty intense way.

I invite you first of all to acknowledge that life is always helping you and not an enemy you have to conquer with your willpower to give you what you want. Every moment is an opportunity to cultivate more love, compassion and appreciation for life as it is, no matter if you get what you want or not.

I have come to know that your destiny is for a big part already orchestrated before incarnating by the divine consciousness that you are and which dwells in all. Your free will lies in the way you respond to every outcome.

The more often you make aligned choices that honor your body and feel good, the more you will enjoy the gifts you are given in every moment regardless how they may appear.

And if cultivating appreciation or anything else that is aligned with the love that you always are, is still too challenging to do, know that, that is okay too instead of using it to blaming yourself for not being good enough. You are always good enough however you respond, as you are the divine dancing in form. However I can tell you from direct experience that the more aligned and compassionate you respond, the more you will enjoy the journey you are on.

Life is at all times helping you to more fully receive the gift that you are no matter how it may feel . Life is your loyal friend that will always help you with what you need to embody more of the love that you are. However I know how extremely challenging life can be and that it can really appear as if life is there to make you suffer every step of the way. So I deeply honor whatever experience you are having at the moment, no matter if it feels amazing or if feel you are stuck in a torture chamber. I invite you to honor and be a compassionate witness to whatever thoughts or feelings you are having. They are like children that are knocking at your door to receive the love that is automatically transmitted when it is touched by your awareness.

Breathe and relax deeper into every moment.

And with that I conclude this transmission of the (N)everEnding (Un)known, more commonly known as Life.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being all that you are. Without you, life would not be complete as you are a vital part in the infinite play of life as it is co-created with your important existence and participation.

It is greatly appreciated if you share this transmission elsewhere, as sharing is caring.

With love and compassionate embrace,

Jonathan Geesing

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

I stand for love!

I stand for love!


Dear fellow travellers and beautiful family!

I respects everyone’s opinion and as always I am not here to force my way of being and doing on anyone.

This talk about 'evil' doings of Bentinho Massaro and many other public figures that are circulating, are much bigger than the persons that are focused upon.
He and many others are used as a focal point to invite people to get clear on what they want to stand for and create, regardless of what someone else chooses. We all serve as mirrors and help each other evolve.

Most of us have to varying degrees given our power away to a person or any idea or form of existence, though mostly unconsciously. Now we are on a collective and individual level taking our power back. Which can be very messy business as you can clearly see in the world and maybe in yourself. It is something to be celebrated as it is one of the many signs that radical change is taking place and in my perception for the better.

All forms of darkness is coming to the surface to be fully acknowledged and healed.

I have never met Bentinho and have seen only a little bit of his work.
I however found his response to the accusations resonating with me. 

I have the feeling he has attracted quite a lot of dark attention, which popular public figures are more likely to do.
It is sad but true that most people more easily believe something negative about a person then something positive. Reputation is a very fragile thing. Also most people contain so much fear that their perception is far from clear and as a result project their fear on to others.

I have triggered a lot of people during my life, most of the time not because I had any ill intentions.
My light brought all the unresolved stuff of people to the surface, and because their focus was on me I became their target. As a result I often blamed myself for not being good enough or felt bad about myself in some shape or form. I did not realize that their actions had never anything to do with me. I am not responsible for anyone’s experience or actions but my own. It has been very challenging for me and still regularly is, to instead of allowing myself to be victimized and suppressing my love by any form of fear, to be fully grounded in love.

When I am fully grounded in love I automatically am the transformer of all darkness that comes my way.

I then can be a space of unconditional love that may support others to be the same if they so choose.

At least I will make it easier to choose love for all beings by raising the frequency of this entire planet and beyond. We all are this significant and powerful.

When love is our only answer we become the strongest force in existence.

Regardless if Bentinho or anyone has ill intentions or does so called ‘evil’ things. I am not here to blame or fear anyone.
I am here to love deeper, especially the darkest dark, as it needs the most love.
Darkness is only something which lacks love.

I am here to be the solution by not being against something but by standing for love.

What do you stand for?

May you be blessed and receive the love that you are ever deeper!

I love you and honor all that you are!

So much love!

Jonathan Geesing