Saturday, March 26, 2016

Surrendering to love and waves of light in all honesty


Surrendering to love and waves of light in all honesty

Dear amazing friends,

Today the biggest wave of energy so far and even bigger ones are on their way.
Whoehoee ground on your surfboard and surf the waves!
You may feel all kinds of emotions and energies moving through your field of awareness, some you like and some you really don't. That is totally ok even when you think it is not.
You are totally free to dislike any experience you have. The universe will not punish you it doesn’t judge you ever for anything, only you do. It only responds to vibration and supports any vibration you choose to vibe on. You actually help yourself by admitting to yourself how you think and feel about something. As expressing yourself honestly raises your vibration and judgement lowers it.
Maybe you feel like you can not stop judging and you blame yourself for doing so.
So to express yourself honestly in this case, you could say: ‘ I can not stop judging and it makes me feel …. Or ‘I don’t like the way I am feeling and I wish it would stop’ if that describes your experience. Just tell yourself whatever you are thinking or feeling and see what happens.
Doing this has really helped me to love myself more unconditionally as I free myself from judgement for whatever arises and instead honor any experience I have.

Being honest about ones feelings is one of the most essential skills to surf the waves of changes in a more effortless way. Not allowing certain feelings and thoughts will not help inconvenience feel less inconvenient or pain feel less painful. Every though and feeling that surfaces in your divine consciousness is only asking for your love and are like a child asking for your attention. When you give them your loving embrace by relaxing your breathing and/or telling yourself what you have always wished others would tell you, they can return home.
By giving your thoughts and feelings a warm and comfortable home, you will experience a more loving home in yourself. Whatever you are experiencing, know that it serves your highest growth possible and that loving yourself is the key to raising the quality of your experience.

As you radically transform the old, emptying and clearing your deepest layers, you not only serve yourself but all of existence. You deserve much more praise and cheers then you are maybe giving yourself. If you are aware of it or not you really do incredible work by living the life you do.
You have already survived so many challenges in your life and that really takes a very strong master soul to accomplish. So be your own cheering squad and loving support as you are totally worthy no matter what you do or experience. By doing this you create more and more intimacy with yourself and become the master guide you are learning to be. You are here to walk yourself home into the heaven you never really left but perhaps you thought to have left.

Loving yourself throughout any experience is the most direct and heart centered path to take as love is the highest vibration. Why choose something else when in every moment you can choose the highest possible. When you surrender all your options to love you will be given all you really need and let go of all you had been taught to need or want.
I choose love and I love you unconditionally and invite you to do the same.

Many blessings!

Jonathan Geesing

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